We thought that any Showroom can’t increase the value of our collections.
Being able to appreciate the products in the setting for which they were designed, makes it easier to contextualize them in other contexts. So this is why we decided to decorate a villa not far from Milan and Lake Como, trying to be able to transmit all the hallmarks of our company.

Attention to detail, quality materials, innovative design and extreme personalization are described within the showroom through a route that the customer can program by appointment.
There are no alternatives. In this way we can devote full attention to every visitor, being able to show all the details and making touch our entire collection, including several samples of materials available.
All our international customers appreciate this concept, because having the right time we can meet all of their demands regarding customization.

During major events such as the week of design or fashion in the near Milan, we create events or occasions to show our latest news.

Welcome to our Showroom.