Abstract shapes, painted and frequently embossed, are the artworks which are produced nowadays by Romeo Orsi. Complex shapes, both asymmetrical and wrapped up. Elements of an odd kind of writing made of expressive features, that come from the inner “I” of the artist, in order to focus on the virginity and innocence of the sign itself, the sign as an imprint.

This repertory of mysterious symbols represents a sign of freedom.
Yet, in such a labyrinth of imprints, at first indecipherable, it is possible to find the poetical synthesis of the revealing clues. This represents the compendium of the twenty years spent by the artist in what happened to be his firm of wind-instruments, the famously renowned Milanese firm, founded by his homonymous and legendary ancestor Romeo. Thus, in his paintings and sculptures, float the magical memories of hid youth among the precious and polished brass, golden as medieval backgrounds. In his artworks, images of flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, horns, cornets and euphoniums constantly appear, unwittingly, cropping out from old catalogues. Sometimes, the artist enjoys magnifying and distorting the smallest features of these instruments. Tiny details which are linked to loving nicknames – almost like toys – such as “stortino”, “ancoretta”, “guggia”, “barilotto”, “kiver”. It can be said that the artist is renovating, in his own way, the manual pleasure of the craftsman, shared many times among the working benches, with his never-forgotten workmen.

artwork painting handpainted quadro astratto opera d'arte romeo orsi  artwork painting quadro artista romeo orsi  Artist artwork Romeo Orsi-0001


painting artwork quadro premio arte romeo orsi

artwork handpainted painting quadro astratto opera d'arte romeo orsi  artwork painting artist quadro astratto romeo orsi  Artist artwork Romeo Orsi-0002