Roca Project

A new projects section of ROMEO ORSI Made In Italy is born: R.O.C.A. Project.

With the help of our highly qualified collaborators, we are able to provide assistance and support for custom furniture.
Always keeping in consideration Your needs, we develop our custom furniture following the philosophy that distinguishes the company.
Starting from using our exclusive production, we set up unique furniture projects that fit the particular needs of our clients: from apartments to trendy location, from luxury residences to hotels and resorts.

Thanks to the constant supervision of a qualified art director and staff, we can ensure quality and professionalism in every project we make.

Our company gives each product unique concept of art, making the entire production precious and exclusive. In the same way, the R.O.C.A. Project also has these artistic roots giving an extraordinary touch to its works.
Every creation in this way becomes the expression of a unique and evocative work of art.