In 1996 the artist Romeo Orsi realized an emblematic sculpture in cast bronze, called “Il Cubitolo”. Proposed in different versions, it was of great inspiration for other realizations. Infact, immediately after came a new jewels collection composed by 2 rings and 2 bracelets, eachone in 925 sterling silver. The ring “Cubitolo” is the starting point, the principle from which the idea of deepen and widen the jewels range took off. Nowadays, parallel to furniture products, the ROMEO ORSI Made In Italy proposes a brand new collection, enriched and more complete. Infact, a new range of earrings and pendants, bracelets and necklaces, rings are added to the catalog. The material used are 925 sterling silver and in case of some bracelets or necklaces, also the rubber. The items are relized in minimum details, with engravings and processes that make them unique and increase the value. Particular attention is dedicated to the packaging. Starting from the classic rings boxes personalized with the company’s logo, to the cases with special compartments for spare straps or cords supplied with the product. On our official shop online , you can find photos and details of  the whole collection. Furthermore, you can get news, details and events also on our official Facebook fan page “ROCA Jewels”.