Audrey Ceramic

The AUDREY’s lamps line, comes from a sculpture by the artist Romeo Orsi made in 2008. Initially proposed only in one dimension, the entire range was then expanded with different sizes and possibilities, also for the wall. All versions can be customized in color finishes, with infinite combinations of glossy or matt colors. There are also available precious finishings as platinum, gold or bronze. Furthermore, the lampshades can be coordinated depending on the needs.


- AUDREY Ceramic: floor or table lamp version, is the first of its kind;
- DEMI AUDREY Ceramic: is the version for the wall, the same size of AUDREY Ceramic;
- MEDIUM Ceramic AUDREY: table-top version of average size;
- MEDIUM DEMI AUDREY Ceramic: wall version, average size;
- LITTLE AUDREY Ceramic: is the smallest of the family, abat-jours or aplique with appropriate support in plexiglass.


The entire line is made of ceramic.
Are available mono or two-tone versions, glossy or matt.
The colorways can be enriched with platinum, gold or bronze finishes.
MEDIUM and LITTLE AUDREY models are made with special ceramic finishing, rough to the touch.
Colors according to color chart RAL.


- AUDREY Ceramic: H cm 110, diam. lampshade cm 70
- DEMI AUDREY Ceramic: H cm 110, diam. lampshade cm 70
- MEDIUM AUDREY Ceramic: H cm 57, diam. lampshade cm 40
- MEDIUM DEMI AUDREY Ceramic: H cm 57, diam. lampshade cm 40
- LITTLE AUDREY Ceramic: H cm 37, diam. lampshade cm 24