The exclusive leather comes from tanneries in Veneto and Tuscany, these regions are specialized in the production of aniline and vegetable tanned leather. In the first case, the venetian tanning industries are famous for the processing of entire leathers, while from the central region come mainly shoulders and half shoulders, most suitable for articles of furniture of small dimensions. For the realization of our sofas we chose to use entire leathers because we prefer not having junctions. The seam must be essential, we can play on its value, but nothing more. Many junctions, many seams, for we are not synonymous of high quality. Where possible, we keep the entire piece of leather. This identifies for us a good product. All this means attention to detail and the quality of every single creation.

Fabrics and leathers are the “dress” of upholstery.

Let us remind you that we strongly recommend keeping your genuine ROMEO ORSI product away from direct heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces, and light such as from windows as heat and light can cause significant changes in the leather’s colour. It is important, when cleaning the leather, to rub the moistened leather very gently, as the “grain” becomes more delicate when damp. When there is a liquid stain it should be cleaned immediately with an absorbent cloth. Be careful not to enlarge the stain, but to reduce it as much as possible, by cleaning from the edge of the stain towards the middle. If there are large stains of chocolate, jam or lipstick, etc., always remove the excess quickly with, for example, the smooth edge of a spoon taking care not to make the stain larger, but to reduce it as much as possible by working from the edge toward the centre of the mark.If it is still necessary, use the specific cleanser on a cloth taking care not to enlarge the mark. Before trying to remove a mark or stain, read page 26 of the technical specifications carefully. We recommend that you only use cleaning and maintenance products supplied by ROMEO ORSI. Generic products can cause permanent damage to the finish. For treatment to be effective, it is important to treat and take care of the leather regularly (at least once every 6 months) in order to remove dirt as well as the gradual build-up caused by perspiration and body fats. Deposits left for longer periods of time can become particularly difficult to remove and subsequent treatment may not give the desired results.