Every company has an original idea that inspired it.
Ours idea was to industrialize and commercialize objects with a strong artistic root, in order to create a catalog of exclusive products characterized by high quality and originality. The artworks from which some of them come, have been created over the time by the artist from which the company takes its name: Romeo Orsi. We wondered, therefore, why don’t create an entire catalog starting from this principle? The uniqueness of the art, in fact, gives to each product a history and a much more engaging charm in the eyes of the person who put it in a room. Over the time, we have enriched our offer with new products, with refined design and details. In order to carry out this program, we meet the needs that we perceive from the market, always forwarding our philosophy.

Quality first” is our motto.

For this reason, we didn’t compromised or saved forces in the research of collaborators, skilled labor, finest materials and finishes. All qualities that only the “Made in Italy” can offer. Once decided the guidelines of our company, the ROMEO ORSI is able to deal with the high-end furniture market.


All our production is handmade, signed and numbered by the artist. This ensures the uniqueness of each piece and a greater quality control. For us, the Made In Italy is a key feature and constitutes an element of distinction. The craftsmen who work for us have a great and seriuous experience gained over the time here in Brianza, where they have generational roots. Our careful selection allows us to get the best and have a very high quality standard. We pay attention to details, spending much time to research. The attention for the trade shows, trends, fashion and the different needs of the markets, mean that we lead on everything. Any material used is the result of a huge selection, but we give the opportunity to our customers to further customize his product also the material brought by him.


From the beginning, the purpose of ROMEO ORSI Made In Italy was to design something original from which, even for a small detail, transpire the artistic root. Create a work of art can be an instinctive thing, for a piece of furniture you have to start from a distance, taking into account many factors. After this study, it is necessary that the product, in its uniqueness and originality, meet the customer’s favor. There must be attraction between the parties. It is necessary that the product involves the customers with the design, manufacture and materials used. Our attention to everything around us means that what we propose is always well received. This is demonstrated by the fact that our national audience, but especially the foreign one, have well appreciated the choice of presenting the production, not in an ordinary showroom, but in a prestigious villa in which the setting of individual objects is winning. Our customer do not have to imagine how to set the selected product. It is already there, ready in its natural environment and the only thing he has to do is to make its his own.