Santana Series. Back to The ’50s.

For 2015 we have studied a new collection of products dedicated to the ’50s.

The design of those years marked an era and even today those roots reappear stronger than ever. This is also due to the continuous obsessive pursuit of innovation, which in recent years has characterized the entire sector.
In some cases it was possible to watch the denaturalization of the design itself, confined to the extreme simplicity and sometimes trivial, thus leaving little space for interpretation and imagination.
Probably, it is this last period that makes a need, a need to start over. Analyzing all that good that the past has left us. Resume the roots of the design and relish it.
The 50s and 60s were a source of ideas and innovation. An explosion of creativity that is still current.
From here, we start over. Indeed, re-start.

We have created a collection called “Santana“, composed of a chair, a two seater sofa, a dinner chair  and a set of tables. Clearly, the whole collection is declinable in some variants of finishes, details and measures.
The main features are the typically vintage design, with tapered legs made of wood or polished brass, fabric or leather with soft colors, small dimensions, contrasting seams and stitching. Everything, as always, with the care and attention to detail and the search of the best materials.
Finally, the customization is still a feather in our cap, giving free rein to all the demands of the customer, who can then sew on a product tailoring in the true sense of the term.

A new beginning of a glorious past!


The Staff

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